My name is Olga van den Brandt, I’m a 3D animator currently working in the Netherlands. I am a generalist who is adept in every stadia that is involved with the making of an animated movie. But with a slight preference towards concept, cinematography and animation.


I believe in the importance of a gripping story, and all my choices are made to strengthen this message. I love to create my own absurd worlds, depending on their own rules. Evident in all my work are the poetic atmospheres, the powerful music and strange surrealistic nature of the stories. My films are filled with emotion and aim to connect with their audience, not only to entertain, but to show a new perspective.


Currently my short film ‘Lineage’ is traveling through animation festival circuit around the world. And I’m always looking for the next idea. I have experience both working alone, and in larger teams.


Varying from intimate studio of 3 people to a huge team of 200. I’ve worked in different countries, in different languages. I’ve been working with many different 3D software. I’m like a chameleon who can fit in anywhere, and learn anything. From Paris, to Amsterdam, small or large, I always find great pleasure in working together with other talented people. And in the future I hope to keep working together with intriguing persons on inspiring projects, to make amazing films.