Way Back Home

This is a videoclip I made for the newest single of Maria and the Bandit, ‘Way back home.’
It is a song with an old americana vibe. It starts happy like a stereotype country song, driving through the desert, free to go wherever you want to go, whenever you wish to.
But along the way the driver begins to doubt if he’s on the right path, he finds the road to be darker and much tougher then he expected, and he doesn’t know how to go on.
In this film the man is driving with the masses all in the same direction, untill his car breaks down. He forced to walk, and as all the cars reach their destination, he is stil stuck walking in the desert alone, lost, trying to follow the road, before dark, but he can’t.
In the dark, he finds is own path, his own way to go, which leaves him as an only witness to what happens to all the other cars, before he wanders on.