​​​​​​​Director / Animator: Olga van den Brandt
Client: De Wereld Draait Door
Book: Een onberispelijke man 
Every last Tuesday of the month, the famous Dutch talk-show 'De wereld draait door' talks about books, after which they announce the 'Book of the Month'. March 2017 I was asked to make a trailer for the newest one: 'Een onberispelijke man' in English known as: 'Old Filth'. 
It's a book about a famous lawyer, who is generally known for being boring, having had an event-less life, and no emotions. But in the book the opposite is shown, he has been through a lot, but he was never able to cope with it, he couldn't handle or show his emotions. At old age, all the memories resurface, and he tries to make peace with it. 
In the trailer I decided to show these memories, the little snippets, and the ruthless way they come back to him. The man is imprisoned by his own thoughts, a place full of windows to the past. He just keeps on walking, on his way to the end, where he hopes to find peace. 
I was present during the live-show, to answer a question about the film. You can see the interview using the button below.
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