Director / Animator: Olga van den Brandt
Client: Oxhill7 
Music: Diederik van den Brandt
Sound Design: Bob Kommer Studio's​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This is a film I made for Oxhill7 a revalidation company in the Netherlands. It's a family business, very invested into human contact and values, there motto is: 'With us nobody stays by the sideline.'
I took this line as the main inspiration for my film. I wanted to keep it human, to tell a small story about somebody no longer able to do his job, which would be very recognizable for the clients of Oxhill7.
The film is about a very close team, running towards their goal, in this case, a red flag on the top of the mountain. But one of the employees falls down, and can't get up again. The boss doesn't know what to do, he has a team that must go on, but he does want to give the fallen employee all the attention he deserves. 
He calls an Oxhill7 employee. He can give the personal attention that is required, he helps him stand up, and guides him towards a new goal, a new direction in life. 

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