I'm Olga van den Brandt, an animation director based in Amsterdam. I create short animated films for festivals and clients. My goal is to create layered, well-researched stories that have an emotional impact on their viewers. Using my master's degree in sociology, I aim to use social theory as a starting point for my stories. Consequently, I prefer nuance and complexity in a film over cheap laughs. 
My independent films, 'Lineage' and 'Tram', have been shown in film festivals worldwide. Additionally, I've worked on advertising campaigns for clients like book publishers, television networks, advertising agencies, and NGOs.  From concept, research, and writing, to delivering a finished movie, I can manage the entire production. There's no need to present a fully crystallized idea to me. I like to be involved from the very first brainstorm. So, if you have a vague idea concerning an animated film: let's talk.
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