Director / Animator: Olga van den Brandt
Client: Uitgeverij J.M. Meulenhoff
Book: Becks laatste zomer / Becks last summer
I made a booktrailer for the book 'Becks laatste zomer' (Becks last summer) the debut of Benedict Wells, writer of 'The end of loneliness'.
A failed musician Robert Beck, is now teacher at a school. When a very talented, but very troubled student appears, Beck can't help himself but to get involved in his life. He wants to be his agent, to give him the chances he never had. But Rauli has enough problems of his own, and does he even like to play music? Beck is surrounded by people who suck him into their lives, his student, his best friend and his girlfriend all push him in directions he doesn't want to go. 
The book is divided in two halves, like two sides of an lp. The first half: conventional, linear and predictable, and the second half: experimental, chaotic, and new. This is also how I divided the film. The first half, showing a depressed man, liking nothing else but music and smoking. Until a young student walks in and turns the lp to the other side. A world where no normal rules apply anymore, and where Beck is chased around by these three strong characters that always surround him. 

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