Director / Animator: Olga van den Brandt
Client: Uitgeverij J.M. Meulenhoff
Book: Het beste voor iedereen / The best for everybody
This is a trailer for the book 'The Best for Everybody' by Erik Rozing. Erik Rozing is a psychiatrist himself, and in the book he tells about a young suicidal girl, who wants to end her life. 
A film student is making a documentary about her life and her choice to end it once and for all. The girl has serious mental issues, which make life unbearable for her. She has been traumatized in childhood, and her coping mechanisms become more and more self-destructive as she grows older. A week before her planned death she contacts the psychiatrist who was the only one who came through to her. But he does not support her choice to die. 
In the trailer I wanted to show these two characters. The girl, who is struggling with her mental issues which lock her into a life that she sees as unlivable. And her psychiatrist, who is desperately trying to help but does not always know how to succeed and feels powerless. 
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