Director / Animator: Olga van den Brandt
Music: Marko Ivic
Sound design: Friso Hoekstra, Kasper Koman
Lineage is an animated short about human relations. It shows a world where the characters are made out of wires, a world where everybody is literally hanging on the connections they have with each other. And with these images it shows how dependent we are on these relations.
The film shows a recognizable and universal theme; a person gets stuck between two others who move apart. And this happens to the most dependent person imaginable. The film shows the point of view of a young child during the divorce of his parents.
These can be turbulent, insecure and painful times, the child loses total control of the situation. This an image that has been shown many times before. But it doesn’t have to end there. What if the parents shift their attention back to the child?   A child might conquer its fear, he might find control, balance and even solid ground.
These are the festivals that have added 'Lineage' to their official selection.
Nederlands Film Festival – Utrecht - the Netherlands - 2015
Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival 2015 – Amsterdam & Breda – The Netherlands - 2015
Suikerzoet Film Festival 2015 – Schiedam – The Netherlands – 2015
Pop Up Cinema 2015 – Tilburg – The Netherlands - 2015
Short Short Story Film Festival – Providence & Worcester - USA
Anilogue International Animation Film Festival 2015 – Budapest – Hungary – 2015
Goldensun Short Film Festival 2015 – Malta – 2015
Maassluis Kunstprijs – Maassluis – The Netherlands 2015
Kort voor Kort - Schiedam - The Netherlands - 2016
Holland Animation Film Festival - Utrecht - The Netherlands - 2016
[C] Screen - Cerdanyola - Spain - 2016
River Film Festival - Veneto - Italy - 2016
Doc Sunback Film Festival - Kansas - USA - 2016
Backup_festival -   Weimar -Germany - 2016
A Long Week of Short Films Festival - Shanghai –China-2016
International Short Film Festival Parachute Light Zero - Paris - France - 2016
Phoenix film Festival - Melbourne - Australia - 2016
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