Client: Von Vongole
Production Company: Bleck Media
Concept: Claire van Beuzekom, Jorgen van Dongen, Steven Willems, Olga van den Brandt
Director, Writer & Animator: Olga van den Brandt
Audio & Sound FX: Yorben Otto
Von Vongole is a brand new content creation agency owned by Claire van Beuzekom. Bleck Media asked me to animate a promotion film that represents her and her style. Von Vongole is specialized in the art market, and Claire was greatly inspired by the paintings of the renaissance. She asked me to make a movie to introduce her company, and to take these paintings as inspiration.
Her company is named after the venusshell, which comes back in many mythical creation stories. In many cultures the opening of the shell represents the beginning of creation, of time, life and light. With these stories in mind I created this very short film, to introduce this new company to the world.
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